Welch’s ‘Tough As Grapes’ Campaign Targets Gen X Men

CONCORD, MA — Welch’s has launched a new marketing campaign, “Tough as Grapes,” that targets Gen X men with a tough and gritty look at how Welch’s grape juice is made with the world’s toughest antioxidants.

Welchs’ said its new brand strategy is backed by one of the largest pieces of research on Gen X males where the company uncovered that 59% of Gen X men report they are the primary grocery shopper; 73% of Gen X men drink juice with breakfast; and 60% of Gen X men like the flavor grape.

According to Welch’s, men are already drinking more juice than women, but they are also more open to the nutritional benefits that juice offers and aware that there is room for improvement in their health.

Source: https://www.vendingtimes.com