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We will work with you and your company to determine which machine will best fit what you’re looking for. We will not oversell you on something that you do not need, as there is a different solution for almost every customer depending on budget, location, product, etc. We will walk you through a checklist to determine whether you are looking for something basic or a more advanced model. We offer everything from basic cash acceptance to touch screen interfaces and credit/debit card acceptance.I

Exploding Health Revolution

Are your employees tired of junk-food only vending machines at work? Now days, most employees are looking for healthy, natural or low-calorie snack options to help propel them through their busy days and late nights East Coast Vending is the right choice for both companies and their employees.

Helping You

Having state-of-the-art snack, beverage, coffee, and food vending machines in your break room gives your staff a big lift in spirit and productivity. No longer do employees have to leave work to get snacks, coffee, and food at outside eateries. Now they can save time and get far more work accomplished without interruptions, by using vending equipment that C&S installs and maintains at your location.


Your custom order is one of a kind - and so are we. The East Coast Vending relationship gives you access to a wide assortment of products, ready to meet your needs. We feature the most popular healthy snack options in our vending machines. From Clif Bars to Fat-free Fig Newtons, East Coast Vending has what your team is looking for. Fast snacks can be good for you, after all. We provide each potential customer with a "voting list" - a survey that gives you and your team the ability to research product ideas and find the ones that you love the most. When our machines are filled with your favorite product, the relationship works out well for everyone involved. Healthy food options offer great choices for diets of any type. From snack bags and bars to cans and bottled beverages, our assortment is sure to have what you need. We offer vegetarians and vegan snack and drink solutions, as well as allergy-sensitive diets and kosher options. OPTIONS FOR ALL ORGANIZATIONS Schools, any size office small to large, medical facilities, hospitals or fitness centers- there's not a location that East Coast Vending can't handle.

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We specialize in vending service, from reliable state-of-the-art vending machines that accept payment via mobile device to dependable restocking.

Vending Services

No leases, no deposits, no purchasing, just reliable vending machines filled with must-have snacks, beverages, and food.

Office Coffee Service

From premium coffee to healthy portion controlled snacks, our solutions are tailored to fit your Business

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Customer satisfaction is our priority we work hard to keep you happy


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Welch’s ‘Tough As Grapes’ Campaign Targets Gen X Men

CONCORD, MA — Welch’s has launched a new marketing campaign, “Tough as Grapes,” that targets Gen X men with a tough and gritty look at how Welch’s grape juice is made with the world’s toughest antioxidants.

Welchs’ said its new brand strategy is backed by one of the largest pieces of research on Gen X males where the company uncovered that 59% of Gen X men report they are the primary grocery shopper; 73% of Gen X men drink juice with breakfast; and 60% of Gen X men like the flavor grape. Read More

IVM Tailors Machines To Deliver Businesses Turnkey Supply Vending Solution

INDIANAPOLIS – IVM Inc., a vending machine manufacturer based here says supply vending is changing the game and giving companies from all industries a competitive advantage through enhanced productivity and agility.

The Indianapolis-based company saw an opportunity to transform its vending machines into a business solution that it reports has now taken Silicon Valley by storm, with a client roster including Facebook, HP, Intel and Dropbox, among others.

“Our machines now serve as an enterprise IoT solution, providing real-time reporting on stock and supply usage,” said IVM Inc. president Mike Pitts. “IVM technology uses machine learning to predict and automate reordering, which provides companies with data that helps them make smarter decisions on how they are spending money on supplies.” Read More